Project Name: Integr’Art

Project Start: 01-10-2017

Project End: 31-03-2019

Project Duration: 18 months


The Integr’Art project aims to create a cultural school that aims to boost the production and cultural creation through artistic components, street art, especially in music and theatre.

The project is based on different dynamics. On the one hand the creation of music and theater groups, on the other hand the cultural workshop which aims to create musical instruments from negligible resources such as waste, including drums, cans, violas recovered etc. The laboratories will be the basis of preparation for the workshops.

The spectacles that will join all groups of all schools of the districts for the preparation of common shows and photo exhibitions and a small short film showing all steps of the project, almost as a kind of making of for better dissemination of the project.

The main activities are divided into Artistic Activities, and Cultural Animation activities / Integration and Activities Education / Intervention / Work, and where we approach the new challenges of the millennium as practical work for our project.

The methodology applied will be part of the seminars, conferences, demonstrations, brainstorming, case studies, role playing, games, Pedy-paper, traditional games, themed dinners and theme nights, peer learning, cultural visits, outdoor activities, group and body symbolism, round, non-formal education, debate, with the use of information and communication technologies.

Is expected to promote multiculturalism and cultural interaction, the acquisition of transversal skills for personal and / or professional development, namely, leadership skills, team spirit, teamwork, working methods, group animation, leadership, critical thinking, communication and articulation of words, the field of information and communication technologies, audiovisual as well as in developing learning a new language, with a view to non-formal learning.

It is also intended to alert consciences of our young people, taking knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions and realize their role as active young people in society and in Europe.

Regarding the impact on participating organisations, is expected to gain visibility in the medium in which they are inserted, having the possibility to do more and better, making more and more part of the solution to the problems encountered in their ways, increasing its capacity for action.

It is expected to be the firing pins of discussions and evaluations regarding the issues addressed and leave them local monitoring of the spread and development of future goals.

By promoting dialogue, discussion and confrontation with what is done in terms of structuring of education, whether good or bad, it is intended – albeit indirectly and very short steps – contribute to the process of modernisation of current education models.

In the long term it is expected that this project will give the tone for the implementation of recognition skills more transparent policies, recognising learning not to informal level, which will boost and modernize the process of curriculum evaluation of European citizens.


You can view all the media outputs of the project in the link below.