Project Name: ECO4INC

Project Start: 01-06-2017

Project End: 31-05-2019

Project Duration: 24 months



Our project starts from the premise that environmental education can and should be used as an instrument facilitating social inclusion. Therefore, we set out the principles of environmental education, in order to form new concepts and break down barriers, feeding the love for nature and the desire to strengthen ties between young people and between them and the environment. How otherwise treat the environment, it is disclosing the way we treat others.

With regard to why we have been discussing with the youth of the community and the policy makers of it, that young people could and should be more active, more aware, more interventional with regard to environmental preservation. Thus, they would seize humanist values and would be a way of forcing reflect on how we treat each other, and this other one person, a green space or an animal. The young people who orient concluded that contact with the fauna and flora is very important as indeed we have seen in the activities we do, in particular the camps and radical activities in nature. It inspires us, it motivates us, it helps us to know how to deal with each other and with the odds. Also young people were questioned why there are so many fires, pollution and so much disrespect either by humans or by our environment. We did the rest work on this and on the impacts of climate change, what will become of us in the future and what the social and economic impacts of climate change. Then they draw the conclusion that more must be done to deal with this situation and especially compel young people to reflect on this problematic, since for almost everyone involved this was the first time I thought about it. In conclusion then the reflection we have to do more and better, reduce the number of fires and area burned because it kills the nature and animals, that more must be done to put an end to the abuse and neglect animals, and that the do this, we were also learning to better the way we treat each other.

To the objectives we want to promote the conservation of environmental spaces, improve their access conditions, promote environmental protection in a creative and innovative way through the participation of young people, using the form of environment to benefit the health and well-being and animals by promoting the creation of star ups that harness the potential of eco brand and a green policy at the level of their way of acting, so the environment is answer to unemployment, for green entrepreneurship whose economic potential is huge. Another of the objectives is to promote the active participation of young people and communities, creating environmental clubs and associations forming multipliers of environmental education trained to support social inclusion, whether in communities or in schools, which in turn will support the development of systems to support young people, valuing the professional features that intervened in the youth field. We also want to develop the integral health of the person, promoting contact between young people with the natural environment, and allow it to be economic development lever and personal, in that it develops skills, behaviours and competencies, awakening young people to the humanist values European, developing this way cooperation, mutual aid, solidarity, sustainability, health and well-being, participation, volunteering, inclusion, innovation, creativity and contact with young people from other countries with similar realities. ECO 4 Inclusion

Another goal is to raise awareness and mobilize young people to intervene in environmental attacks, pollution in abuse and neglect to animals, in the refugees situation, since this process will allow to young people from other countries, acquire and strengthen their linguistic competence, the field work allows learning in conjunction with the form education, to generate employment opportunities green entrepreneurship, promotes the recognition of competences, and enhances the acquisition of new competencies while the value or the personal level or for the purposes labour market. The fact that we have different partners will help develop competences of youth organisations in the framework of international cooperation, and in fact that better cooperation than in the environmental area, which has no borders, which can be community tool of inclusion. This project will promote inclusion, jobs, and end with social exclusion.